Ways to Stay Motivated to Work Out Regime


It is not an easy job to start being active and staying healthy. If you have led a sedentary lifestyle, it would make you feel as though it is impossible. We work at the office the whole day and come home to de-stress only to sit in another chair. Is this a way to de-stress? Will it make you healthy? The answer is No. We decide to stay active and stay fit only to stay healthy.Hence, it is important to make time to do some work out. The first step to stay motivated to a work out regime is to break the mental barrier, to get up and stay active. Only when the mind becomes prepared, the body will cooperate to the work out regime and take advantage of the resources. Here are some tips and ideas to stay motivated and remain fit.


Set Goals in your Mind


When you start with your fitness regime, don’t complicate things. Start with simple goals and as you progress in it, then start having bigger goals. Your mind will always feel encouraged only when it feels that something is achievable. If not, you will tend to get frustrated and become demotivated.For example, if you are starting to walk, then be slow when you start. Aim to walk for 20 minutes a day. If you accomplish it easily, then start with a 30 minute walk a day. Once you are feel comfortable, then have a long-term goal set to complete a 5-kilometre walk.The recommended durtation of physical exercise for adults is at 15o minutes per week (this is if your exercise is moderate) and 50% of that if it is vigorous exercise.


Enjoy your Work Out Regime


A work out regime need not be boring. You could take up a sport or a dancing class to stay fit. Try something different that you will enjoy and will not find it boring. The secret for following the regime regularly is to make it interesting.Try something different if you do not like the work out try to use Gymshark Discounts. Joining a football or volley ball league, taking a dancing class or joining a martial arts program will motivate you more to stay fit and at the same time make it feel enjoyable.


Staying Physically Active is a Daily Routine


Work Outs and physical activity doesn’t make one fit in a short period of time. It should be practised as a daily routine to stay fit. It is a continuous process and must be incorporated as a daily routine in our life.Feeling tired of a scheduled work out? Take a break. Instead, take the stairs to your office or home. Play sports with your kids in the back yard. Or do some strength training while watching your favourite program in television.Sitting at the same place for long hours will only harm your health. Even if you achieve your goal for the week, it is still advisable not to sit in the same place for a long time. Take short breaks and try to have a small walk.


Mental Calculation Don’t work


If you are planning to lose weight or want to sleep better or so on, it is not enough to think it over in your mind. Instead, write it down on the paper. Once you write down the goals, it helps in keeping you motivated.Why not maintain a dairy for your fitness work out? You can record what you did during every work out session and keep track of what you did and what you didn’t. Tracking your progress will help you feel motivated and encourage you to do more.


Build a Team


Bored of doing things alone? You can always ask your friends or co-workers to join you when you work out. Following a work out plan with a partner makes it more effective. You can even join in a fitness class together.


Reward and Self Appreciation


When you have achieved something towards the goal, then pat yourself for achieving it. Good feelings about yourself develops positive feeling and you tend to stick to the plan more.You can even gift yourself a favourite thing you wanted for a long time.


Don’t be Rigid


It is normal to take a day off from your work out regime. Be gentle on yourself and treat yourself once in a while. You deserve a break and there is nothing that can stop you from enjoying life.When you feel enthusiastic, you can get back to your normal routine and work towards your goal.



My determination to become a fitness expert started out of frustration at the lack of health and fitness options available near my place. I wanted to stay fit with some form of regular exercise that would make me get out of bed in the morning and make me feel motivated. I lacked all the training and support to become fit. That is when I decided to get proper guidance and achieve the fitness that I lost all these years. As I am already a graduate in Nutrition, I started researching more on the fitness and health side.

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